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G-Lock Email Analytics: Quick Startup Guide

Using G-Lock Email Analytics to Track Email Campaigns

Good email senders understand the importance of a regular and accurate email campaign tracking and analysis. Using email analytics you can measure your email campaign performance over time, control its effectiveness and plan your future campaigns focusing on the recipients’ interests. Email tracking is a fast and simple way to optimize the email design and layout, promotional offers, and links to the audience’s preferences.

Can all emails be tracked?

Link clicks can be tracked for all email messages. Email opens can be tracked for HTML emails and for plain text emails if the recipient clicks a link in the email no matter which email client the recipient uses.

Tracking of email prints and forwards doesn’t work in all email clients but we are working at the improvements.

Desktop Email Client/Web Mail Client Print Tracking Forward Tracking
Outlook 2003 +
Outlook 2010
Outlook 2007
Outlook Express +
Windows Mail +
Mozilla Thunderbird + +
AOL Web +
Yahoo!Mail +
Gmail + +
MSN/Live/Hotmail + + + +

Email Tracking Service Review

Why Use Email Tracking

Marketing via email is probably the quickest and cheapest form of marketing at the present time. You can reach people all over the world with just a single mouse click and spread the word about your product or service. But after you sent the email, have you ever wondered what happened to your message? Was it delivered and read by the recipient? Here is when email tracking comes into play.

How to Use G-Lock Analytics with EasyMail7?

G-Lock Analytics is integrated with our email sending software EasyMail7. In combination with EasyMail7 G-Lock Email Analytics uses the encrypted recipient’s email address in the tracking links to enhance Inbox delivery because modern anti-spam filters may block email messages with links containing an email address.