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  • Forget the Refresh Button

    In G-Lock Analytics all major statistics come to your account absolutely in real time. No need to wait hours to get your email tracking results. And what’s more important you don’t have to refresh the page manually. Using cutting edge web technologies we can push the updated data to your browser as it comes. Watch this quick video to see it in action.

  • The Brutal Truth about Your Email

    Besides standard opens and clicks G-Lock Analytics provides you with the recipient engagement data. Now you can exactly know how many subscribers read, skimmed or glanced your email. Also you have the number of Plain Text Readers, the number that shows how many subscribers read the plain text version of your email or read the email with disabled images.

    Recipient engagement

  • What Happens to Your Email Later?

    Natural email prints and forwards is a really awesome feature that allows you to actually estimate how your subscribers are engaged with what you’re sending them. For example if you sent your subscribers a print-out coupon you can estimate how many of them will come to you with this coupon.

    Prints & forwards

  • Reduce Design Costs

    You probably faced the problem when different email clients render the same email differently. It takes an additional time for you to make the email look good in a particular email application. Or if you bought a customized email template, you know that every additional email app optimization costs extra money.

    Email client detection will let you know in what email applications your email is mostly read and will save you a little more money on email template design. No need to optimize your emails for all the email applications out there.

    Email client detection

  • When to Send?

    With the timeline activity report you will know at what time you subscribers are mostly active at opening your emails. So you will be able to scheduler upcoming email campaigns at that time to grab maximum attention.

    Timeline activity

  • Who’s the Most Active Recipient?

    A detailed recipient activity will show you how many times each of your subscribers clicked, opened, forwarded and printed your email. You can send an offer or special coupon to those people to reward your most active customers for spreading the word.

    Detailed recipient activity

  • Find Your Subscribers on the Map

    Here you’ll see what countries your active recipients come from.

    Geographic localization

  • Keep Your Lists Up-to-Date

    G-Lock Analytics will handle the unsubscribes management for you. Just paste our unsubscribe link into your email and your recipients will be able to unsubscribe with just two mouse clicks. You can download your unsubscribed recipients to a file at any time.

    Unsubsribes management
  • Email Tracking is Made Easy as Never Before

    Your manual work is reduced to minimum. Just create the email, enable tracking, add the campaign directly from EasyMail7 and hit “Send”. The program does the rest automatically: adds the open tracking code to the message and replaces normal links with tracking links during message sending.

    The best part is that EasyMail7 with G-Lock Email Analytics uses the encrypted recipient’s email address in the tracking links to enhance Inbox delivery because modern anti-spam filters may block email messages with links containing an email address.

    The unsubscribe process is handled online. And EasyMail7 can automatically add unsubscribed contacts collected by G-Lock Analytics to Global Exclusion List and unsubscribe those people in the EasyMail7’s internal groups.

    integration with easymail7