Anti-Spam Policy


G-Lock Analytics Abuse Desk

With hundreds of users tracking their email campaigns, we’re bound to get abuse reports every now and then. We take abuse reports seriously, and we go to great lengths to prevent abuse within our system:

  • we require all users to agree to our Terms & Conditions before they can set up a G-Lock Analytics account;
  • we provide the users with an unsubscribe link that they can include into every campaign they sent;
  • when we receive an abuse complaint, we block all links in the email which generated an abuse complaint immediately;
  • in the case of more abuse alerts for this user, we cancel the user’s account on G-Lock Analytics.

Report Email Abuse to G-Lock Software

If you received an unsolicited email which contains links from the domain, use the form below to send an abuse report to us. Please, enter your name, email address and the message RAW code including the header (it’s extremely useful in helping us investigate the sender for abuse).

Please enter your contact details and message below.