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How Does G-Lock Analytics Work? (video)

Watch this video to see how you can get instant email tracking reports with G-Lock Analytics:

G-Lock Analytics tracks email opens using a small transparent image that you add to the message source. When a recipient opens your email, the image loads and G-Lock Analytics records an open.

To track link clicks, you replace your regular links with tracking links provided by G-Lock Analytics. When a recipient clicks a tracking link, G-Lock Analytics records a click.

In addition to tracking email opens and link clicks, G-Lock Analytics can:

  • track email prints;
  • track email forwards;
  • track if the recipient opens the message in the plain text format or in the HTML format with disabled images;
  • track if the recipient read, glanced or skimmed the email;
  • track what email clients the recipients use to open the email;
  • track unsubscribed recipients;
  • present email tracking stats by months, days or hours;
  • provide email tracking reports in real time!

You can download the complete User Guide for G-Lock Analytics in PDF from the link below:


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